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Hi. Been 16 Months. Haven't finished it. I Read all your emails and posts. All the rage and support. And I still love you.

Explanation: So it took THIS long for a new post, cause I was really trying to finish Bowser's Castle, honest. But I now I realize i'm probably never going to finish it cause of 2 reasons:
1. I kept adding new things all the time so it just kept on getting bigger.
2. I'd get bored with it. I just kept abandoning it to do better or other flash stuff.

So... CONTENT DUMP! (the links below)
Oh, I havent been doing nothing for 16 months... so your getting it ALL. Right up to what I'm doing now (that being "Just Peachy"). Swf and Fla downloads are in the links bellow. A picture so you know what ur getting.
Use everything. Its all yours. And share it. See at the Creative Corner to see what's been made by others so far.


New Bowser's Castle (unfinished)
(.swf) f89bfa6373cfbead6a31
(.fla) 9de7b8e8903eba7dbd4b

Mario is Missing 2 (unfinished)
(.swf) dccaa22e1d895fa44c63
(.fla) 3214d9938703fcf4851f

Just Peachy (in progress)
(.swf) d0420027fac931380bdd
(.fla) 1a89c2fb0c9b9f7eca81

7th Heaven (in progress? maybe?)
(.swf) 412d081fb5b75f8eb307
(.fla) c31967e98e07082fed5e

Tifa Sucks (animated loop)
(.swf) 4dd82c8ccabf6d240afa
(.fla) 4242efacb810d26dcf23

Katt (Just a Sprite for use)
(.fla) 6161dbfba4ebf322ff2f

16+ Months of Unfinished Content: YOURS

Peaches, Peaches for Free

9/27/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 9/27/10

Big old sneak preview to the fans, cause I like u ppl.


I'm doing this outta my misguided lol/love of Nintendo games from growing up with them, and to support the FREE hentai fanart/flash community. I do this only on my spare time when I can, and I will release it when I'm done with it or fed up with it (so stop worrying if u think I'm dead or if you think it will never be released, relax, but thanks for worrying about my wellbeing lol). Checking mail and responding to news posts takes up way too much of my spare time, and I'd rather just work on the game, so I'm just not doing it anymore as most ppl have prolly noticed (but I have read them all, and thanks for all the complements and support).

This game will be released when its released, many many many many many months from now, so if u can't handle that, uhhh... i don't know... pretend it doesn't exist or something. Don't ask for a ballpark for when itll be done, cause to be honest I don't even know, all i know is itll be damn long, longer than you'd like. I'm not gonna mess with your guys heads with false promises, I'm just giving you some good old fashioned honesty.

Things to know about me that some ppl are confused about:
1. I am PlayShapes, I am not a company. Its a nickname. (if you said something flattering to PlayShapes the company, sall good, I just took it as a bigger complement lol)
2. I am not directing or even helping the LoK project. Renara is the mastermind behind that little movement, and he has his own crew, and from what I've seen it looks far superior to my stuff so far, but it definitely looks like it will be a far far way from release. I'm simply supporting it and excited about it like everyone else.
3. Mario is Missing 2 - not gonna happen - One project at a time ppl
4. Bowser's Castle swf or fla - i do not even have those files anymore, if ur looking for it, search the interplace with google im sure ull find something if you look hard enough, but I'm not doing it for you.
5. The original Bowser's Castle that use to be posted on Newgrounds was posted by somebody else who took credit for the work then got blammed. Good times.
6. New Bowser's Castle - will have the following cast: Navi, Tatl, Pink Fairies, Mario, Bowser, Zelda, Samus, Krystal, Peach - and most likely that will be it for the first release for the sake of my sanity and a sooner rather than impossibly later release date for u ppl.
7. I am not a programmer, so if u had problems with the controls on MiM, then you have a lousy computer or too much shit running or again, i repeat, its probably just my actionscript cause I am just a lousy programmer. Also I'll be using it again for New Bowser's Castle for sake of my own interest in the project and not boring myself with making or finding or learning or adapting new code. Don't worry you won't be able to die in this one, so it won't piss you off as it did in MiM.
8. I'm really not gonna fix MiM, so if those damn spinning fireballs keep starting you from scratch, my bad, but at least you got something to strive for (or just say fuck it and right click and click play).
9. New Bowser's Castle will not have voice sounds, at least on the first release, again for the sake of me finishing it as quickly as I possibly can.
10. I may not respond to comments or mail, but I read them, and they give me motivation. Thanks you!

Peaches, Peaches for Free

Foxy Krystal Fox

7/28/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 7/28/10

Just puttering along when I can :)
Made the new Krystal Sprite, and all I need now is the Zelda Sprite to have the set of ladies I was planning...
I realize now that Adult Midna (not a fan of imp midna) was left out of my plans, so I'll have to see how everything comes along, to consider whether or not to add her to my sexy cast.
... and now come to think of it, I left out Rosalina and Daisy too... lol well fuck.
... and Berri... fuck.
Might add them as a patch or special addition after the big reveal... dunno.

Anyways, here's a peek at Krystal.

Foxy Krystal Fox

Only a little progress since last post... life and all...
I'm posting this as a friendly reminder that this game could quite literally be a year away (the friendly part is in the picture).

But since I am known for my short attention span towards flash - don't worry if i give up on it along the way, i'll at least post what I have done just like I did with the other unfinished versions, along with the .fla of course (cause I'm all about the sharing), so you ppl will get something either way, but so far everything is coming along just fine.

The point is, eventually, you will have something, but for now talk to you ppl much later ;D
Thanks for all the comments!

Just Peachy


6/8/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 6/8/10

The game is complete lol. Fap and Lol.
Just a lolgazm of a time so far.

Here's a pic of the three Fairies for the ppl who are stupid enough to believe I'm gonna be done this year.
I ain't gots the time to finishes it as fast as you'z like.
... wait a tick... first one to make me a time machine, gets the complete game given to them yesterday.
Problem solved.

Bowser's Castle so far:

Samus - complete 25%
Navi (blue fairy) - complete: 60%
Tatl (yellow fairy) - complete: 30 %
Pink Fairies - complete: 30%
Zelda - complete 0%
Krystal - complete 0%
Peach - complete 40%

Playable stage - complete 15%
ActionScript - complete 50%

Whole Game - complete 10%


B'sC - Slow and Steady

6/4/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 6/4/10

Don't hold your breath for the release... you'll die.
Here's a picture of Samus in the game so far.

Bowser's Castle so far:

Samus - complete 25%
Navi (blue fairy) - complete: 60%
Tatl (yellow fairy) - complete: 0 %
Pink Fairies - complete: 30%
Zelda - complete 0%
Krystal - complete 0%
Peach - complete 40%

Playable stage - complete 15%
ActionScript - complete 50%

B'sC - Slow and Steady

MiM is Done! yay!

5/29/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 5/29/10

After completing Mario is Missing - I'm tired. So I'm taking a break from flash for a bit again (as I tend to do). Here and there I will be working at my Bowser's Castle project (as I'm very excited about what I have so far), however, don't expect it to be finished any time soon as it will be quite the large game.

Bowser's Castle so far:
All main coloured fairies will be making an appearance :)

Samus - complete 10%
Navi (blue fairy) - complete: 60%
Tatl (yellow fairy) - complete: 0 %
Pink Fairies - complete: 30%
Zelda - complete 0%
Krystal - complete 0%

Hope you ppl enjoy Mario is Missing :D

MiM is Done! yay!

Bowser's Castle

5/27/10 by PlayShapes
Updated 5/27/10

I am working on Bowser's Castle again :)
Expect a completely revamped high quality sexy adventure (side-scrolling/point-and-click hybrid).
I will not be releasing any more versions - just the finished copy.
You can expect snapshots of my progress though as It develops.

Characters Confirmed so far:
- Super Mario
- Princess Zelda
- Navi
- Samus Aran
- Krystal Fox

Bowser's Castle

Mario Is Missing - A new Adult side-scrolling game starring Princess Peach :)
COMING SOON! (or... eventually)

Mario Is Missing