2010-06-08 23:42:43 by PlayShapes

The game is complete lol. Fap and Lol.
Just a lolgazm of a time so far.

Here's a pic of the three Fairies for the ppl who are stupid enough to believe I'm gonna be done this year.
I ain't gots the time to finishes it as fast as you'z like.
... wait a tick... first one to make me a time machine, gets the complete game given to them yesterday.
Problem solved.

Bowser's Castle so far:

Samus - complete 25%
Navi (blue fairy) - complete: 60%
Tatl (yellow fairy) - complete: 30 %
Pink Fairies - complete: 30%
Zelda - complete 0%
Krystal - complete 0%
Peach - complete 40%

Playable stage - complete 15%
ActionScript - complete 50%

Whole Game - complete 10%



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2010-06-08 23:49:39

Lol, when will people learn that flash takes time.

PlayShapes responds:

I knows right?


2010-06-09 01:28:03

You're 50% ActionScript complete! That's practically 90% of the flash done. :O

PlayShapes responds:

I dislike you.


2010-06-09 06:44:49

LoL! Fap Fap! These series are funny!

PlayShapes responds:

>__< no fap! not yet! ...its not done yet.


2010-06-09 09:11:01

Godspeed kind sir!

PlayShapes responds:

oh you... :'D


2010-06-09 13:11:03

I agree with WeirdAlthe3rd. A masterpiece is supposed to take time. :D


2010-06-09 17:37:22

Seriously, people need to be patient. There's plenty of other stuff to keep us occupied, dude. Take your time and we'll all be satisfied when it DOES come out.


2010-06-09 19:47:34

awh bollocks


2010-06-09 23:19:19



2010-06-09 23:20:47

I wish u can make a tutorial on how you create these 0.o they are really good.

p.s. yes I am a perv.


2010-06-10 05:45:35

so far it looks good keep going


2010-06-10 07:16:26

hope ur done soon


2010-06-10 07:18:22

btw, love ur work, take your time as long as something good will come outa it n i know itll be gud

PlayShapes responds:

Gud and sexy just fer u jawxxx


2010-06-10 15:15:17

Wut? Flash takes time? Someone make sure Renara doesn't find out!

PlayShapes responds:

Hey it's the LoK team leader himself :D - lol and I so know you already know dat ;)


2010-06-10 16:52:04

You the man! You can do dis!

PlayShapes responds:



2010-06-11 01:18:00

come on shapes, your percentages don't add up... average them out and your 31.857142857142857142857142857143% done that's almost 32%... and i am sure you can have it done by the end of this year if you stop doing all those unnecessary activities you know the ones... like sleeping and going to the bathroom to go to the bathroom or having any simbiance of a life out side of flash. just have the next person that emails you demanding the game finished volunteer to change your IVs and clean your bed pan...

Gertrudis disclaimer: this is the adder being a smart Alec do not try this at home for it might result in serious injury as he has been known to beat people senseless with his holy vorpel sledge hammer of righteous justice and godly maiming for stealing his thunder and Oreo cookies, this is your first and only warning be for i break out the cattle-pult.

PlayShapes responds:



2010-06-11 08:24:12

Looking forward to it, it really looks good so far. It'll be hard, but waiting won't kill me :)


2010-06-11 13:51:08

I know you probz going to hate me for this but what about sexy rosalina we need her T_T PLZ say itz not so good work so far WeirdAithe3rd is right flash can nooo will take time XP


2010-06-11 22:33:38

i have played every single playshapes game. and offically addicted to them. They are amzaing in quality and pure fun. I can tell this one is going to outdo all the ones I played just by looking at the entries.


2010-06-12 02:46:33

Holding... my... breath... til... I can........ Finally... see *GASP!!!*

Actually, I'm waiting very paitiently, seeing if theres any updates on this


2010-06-12 04:04:42

Love your work! Can't wait until the game comes out. Oh wait, I DON'T HAVE TO! I HAVE A TIME MACHINE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wish I could give it to you, but people will take it when they see the box! BTW, I can wait XD


2010-06-13 01:34:50

Mario is the main character? I don't find mario a very good character for this kind of things. Why not use Ike he is cooler, or maybe marth?


2010-06-13 01:44:43

take ur timee, but can u upload a preview of the game :D!?


2010-06-13 20:27:31

HELL YES!!! love your work man! and take your time im sure it will be worth it...mabey even better! anyways imma favorite what ever comes out


2010-06-14 12:51:24

Cant u make a Demo? Please? Would be great^^


2010-06-14 13:52:26

Keep it cuming!
Cause I canĀ“t wait, even so I know it takes time but ... I... you.. hav to ... try harder?!
I dont know


2010-06-16 17:30:19

why won't you upload "legend of krystal v2?" its done, i played it, but it sucks ass on, the add gets in the way!


2010-06-17 14:24:49

how do we play i wana play taht game so far?


2010-06-17 17:49:46

cant wait and take ur time <3 i wana play it so much but it cant be done RIGHT away if u want it to be good u gatta put some work it it :D so for all u people
who want it done now ur..........



2010-06-18 19:21:02

Yes i admit it, Im Inpatient x_x Please a Demo >_>


2010-06-18 21:01:37

guess great things take time >>


2010-06-18 22:12:19

What's gonna be after this one? It's a pity to see talent go to waste if you stop D:


2010-06-21 05:28:20

Someone doesn't know jack about the space time continuum! If you go into the future to get the game, you won't get it, because you left the time-line, and hence couldn't finish the game. So you're just gonna have to continue working on it the old fashioned way. Taking your good sweet time, because for every comment you get to speed up, you say fuck you, and hold the game back for a day when you finish it! That would suck for the people waiting patiently, but jackasses need to learn that good things cum to those who wait. Do ya get it? Cum! You make awesome video game porn! It's a PUN!


2010-06-22 03:01:21

Hope you're atleast getting some entertainment out of making this game. Good job on the fairies!


2010-06-24 14:49:11

As long as you keep giving your fans updates, they'll stop annoying you.

PlayShapes responds:

I think I know you from somewhere ...
But I can't quite put my finger on it ...


2010-06-25 02:30:45

yes, get it done..but according to the info above, you have made no progress ina while, unless im missing something


2010-06-25 08:27:58

Guys, he could be just in holiday, or is extremely busy in life, his job, or making the game :3 but seriously, please update more D:


2010-06-26 02:14:33

Lol appreciate all the work you're doing to make something we can fap to. Love your work and admire you as a flash artist. Keep up the win


2010-06-27 23:57:25

PS, you rock the world of mario flash games and i dont think that fact wont be changing for a loooooooooong time. keep up the great fantastical work man


2010-06-28 00:39:53

Were can I play Boeser's castle?

(Updated ) PlayShapes responds:

< WMYD >

Not here:
view/527094 >
lol, but make sure you say hi to GaryuX28 for me, i think he's a little bit lonely now :'(


2010-06-29 19:55:50

your games might tacke long but there awsemly orgasmic


2010-06-29 20:01:29

Dude, take your time and do your best! Don't rush this out with imperfection! XD


2010-06-29 20:02:53

if you know what i meen ;]


2010-06-29 20:07:40

porn is going to tacke over the world yaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-06-30 11:30:30

waiting paitently....
loading: TimeAccelerator.exe
Estimated time remaining: 8999 hours...
please wait...


2010-06-30 16:56:39

My god, i just realized how popular you are, damn.


2010-06-30 18:48:37

hey shapes how about an other entry just prove your still alive.

PlayShapes responds:

lmao, I gave a year deadline and you didn't even give me a month for the next pic huh? lol - can't blame ya, think id be the same - how bout I just say hi :) to prove I'm still alive...
hi :)
- don't worry if i give up on it along the way, ill post what I have done just like I did the other unfinished versions, so you ppl will get something either way, but so far everything is coming along just fine.


2010-07-26 22:53:27

awesome, hentaikey girl 5 full game has been leaked for free!! :D


2010-08-13 23:02:18



2010-08-13 23:07:17