Peaches, Peaches for Free

2010-09-27 16:04:28 by PlayShapes

Big old sneak preview to the fans, cause I like u ppl.


I'm doing this outta my misguided lol/love of Nintendo games from growing up with them, and to support the FREE hentai fanart/flash community. I do this only on my spare time when I can, and I will release it when I'm done with it or fed up with it (so stop worrying if u think I'm dead or if you think it will never be released, relax, but thanks for worrying about my wellbeing lol). Checking mail and responding to news posts takes up way too much of my spare time, and I'd rather just work on the game, so I'm just not doing it anymore as most ppl have prolly noticed (but I have read them all, and thanks for all the complements and support).

This game will be released when its released, many many many many many months from now, so if u can't handle that, uhhh... i don't know... pretend it doesn't exist or something. Don't ask for a ballpark for when itll be done, cause to be honest I don't even know, all i know is itll be damn long, longer than you'd like. I'm not gonna mess with your guys heads with false promises, I'm just giving you some good old fashioned honesty.

Things to know about me that some ppl are confused about:
1. I am PlayShapes, I am not a company. Its a nickname. (if you said something flattering to PlayShapes the company, sall good, I just took it as a bigger complement lol)
2. I am not directing or even helping the LoK project. Renara is the mastermind behind that little movement, and he has his own crew, and from what I've seen it looks far superior to my stuff so far, but it definitely looks like it will be a far far way from release. I'm simply supporting it and excited about it like everyone else.
3. Mario is Missing 2 - not gonna happen - One project at a time ppl
4. Bowser's Castle swf or fla - i do not even have those files anymore, if ur looking for it, search the interplace with google im sure ull find something if you look hard enough, but I'm not doing it for you.
5. The original Bowser's Castle that use to be posted on Newgrounds was posted by somebody else who took credit for the work then got blammed. Good times.
6. New Bowser's Castle - will have the following cast: Navi, Tatl, Pink Fairies, Mario, Bowser, Zelda, Samus, Krystal, Peach - and most likely that will be it for the first release for the sake of my sanity and a sooner rather than impossibly later release date for u ppl.
7. I am not a programmer, so if u had problems with the controls on MiM, then you have a lousy computer or too much shit running or again, i repeat, its probably just my actionscript cause I am just a lousy programmer. Also I'll be using it again for New Bowser's Castle for sake of my own interest in the project and not boring myself with making or finding or learning or adapting new code. Don't worry you won't be able to die in this one, so it won't piss you off as it did in MiM.
8. I'm really not gonna fix MiM, so if those damn spinning fireballs keep starting you from scratch, my bad, but at least you got something to strive for (or just say fuck it and right click and click play).
9. New Bowser's Castle will not have voice sounds, at least on the first release, again for the sake of me finishing it as quickly as I possibly can.
10. I may not respond to comments or mail, but I read them, and they give me motivation. Thanks you!

Peaches, Peaches for Free


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2010-09-27 16:17:33

I love Peach's face expressions and I noticed that you're getting better at drawing too.


2010-09-27 16:56:04

I would be proud of myself, if I could draw like you !!!
I love to draw sometimes, but I am not as good as you.

Keep up the good work !!! * Thumbs up*


2010-09-27 18:58:41

The last update... D':
I just hope it's done before Feb 2011, and I hope it still has alot of blowjobs :3
I don't know who Renara is, but fuck that group and their damn furries! I like furries but not that much. plus your a one man team which makes you a hell of alot more AWESOME!! One more thing, it looks like your getting alot better at your drawing.
Keep up the good work don't rush, and take that extra time to keep the SFX :D


2010-09-27 19:02:00

Thanks for the info man like to know whats happening looking foward to your work


2010-09-27 20:12:24

Playshapes, i LOVED both your references to me.
and it looks like you are really working on it and it does not seem to me that you'll be quitting this project.
i also have to compliment your new art skills. your models look one better then the other.
i still don't know how i didn't get banned, but, again, just go with it. I'm not doing mischief anymore.
Overall, keep up the good work.


2010-09-27 21:48:26

Keep Rockin' Brother!


2010-09-27 22:31:49

Thank for the update! I'm glade to see that its still being worked on, continue this way a bet it'll be done in no time for you... while we suffer for the time being :I anyway KEEP IT UP!


2010-09-28 15:26:23

The new graphics really look like a level up :)

Also: Have you been listening to The Presidents of the United States of America? ;D


2010-09-28 16:26:37

You should do this professional.
You could earn a lot of money with your TALENT!

Maybe an artist for sone-archiv, or something...


2010-09-28 20:56:54

It's gona kill me to wait for this lol. But Your preview looks great! You can tell your getting better at it.


2010-09-29 13:22:33

Given MiM source I can try to fix it up code wise. I'm new to action script but that shouldn't cause to big of a delay.


2010-09-29 17:03:56

Daaaaang! Can't wait! Wish I knew a thing or two bout flash and stuff, or I'd help ya! Keep up the good work and though I am impatient as hell, take your time and do it as right as you can. Now I have to find something to help my patience...


2010-09-29 19:19:09

loking great, i wish you the best of luck :)


2010-09-30 02:27:57

Awesome, work in peace man! loved Mario is Missing, we'll have patience for your next piece. I know it takes a lot of time.


2010-09-30 22:58:20

WHOA!!!! i swear ig u quit this project ill have to find u and kill u....well mayby serverly hurt u....ok i wont do anything. IF u do quit this game put hte files for it online and ill do my best to finish. or im sure someone who REALLY wants to play this game is up for a challange :)

DONT QUIT THIS PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<


2010-09-30 23:14:11

I have been visiting Newgrounds for the past 5 years and never made an account. As soon as I saw this post I immediately dropped what I was doing and set up an account just to say how awesome you truly are. IM LOVING THOSE POSITIONS AND PEACH LOOKS HOTTER THAN EVER!


2010-10-03 20:52:03

Wow. I'm itching for this bad...guess I'm f###ed for at least the next few months, eh?


2010-10-04 01:41:30

heyyy Play Shapes you could put in the new version of bowser castle some sega characters or other games for more excitement if not too much to ask ............ would be very nice to have more characters for more action in bowser castle
EscucharLeer fonéticamente


2010-10-04 06:23:48

cant wait :D the longer it takes the more i know its gunna be a BAD AS$ game! :D i see the drawing got beter and good luck :D


2010-10-05 17:26:08

You should just finish it as quickly as possible. If you're going to do something, do it right


2010-10-06 03:17:20



2010-10-08 01:02:04

i dont care if you put this awesome flash in 2011 i hope this work be so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and hotttttttttt


2010-10-10 10:52:08

come on you can do it! it's lovely


2010-10-10 22:58:08

when is it comeing out?


2010-10-14 11:01:35

Your previous games have been an outstanding contribution to the hentai flash alternatives around the web. I hate to be one to take pornography so seriously, but it is really a masterpiece in making. Brutal, sexy, and damn right fappable. I'll just leave you with the terrible image of the fact that you and the team working on the game will probably have made more men cum than most women do through a lifetime.


2010-10-16 20:59:10

aww why is it censored? D:
anyway, cant wait! :D


2010-10-24 13:18:45

i cant wait to see those pics without censorship


2010-10-29 10:45:44

You sir should be smacked across the face with lottsa spaghetti and then hit with bombs.
I should then fire mah lasers at you

Renera and his team work hard at what they do and do what they must because they can.



2010-10-30 07:36:48


You mad Brah?
Why Spaghetti, couldn't you just throw a sock at me or something? D:
Spaghetti is hot fresh =( That fucking kills dude. My only point is I don't like furries much. Is it bad to have your own opinion?


2010-10-31 10:36:53

Quick reminder. He is doing this himself. However his Legend of Krystal had a group take it up and are making it better. All originals are by him alone.


2010-10-31 19:33:04

I'm really looking forward to the release! :D
Take all the time you need!
I already love these teasers!


2010-10-31 21:26:59

God great work can't wait for the rest of this. Can't help but feel that once I play this I won't leave my computer for a week. Always a pleasure to admire someones' work other than mine, though what you drawn I can't compare. Many thanks for your creations and good luck with this and future projects.



2010-11-04 21:39:44

That's an excellent preview so far, but you may want to consider studying frame-by-frame animation because that would make your stuff a whole lot better. Even though you aren't much of a programmer, you had something remotely decent and if you ever team up with someone who is better at coding a game; you and that person could have something that could take Zone-Sama and LineMarvel down a few pegs.


2010-11-05 23:54:50

can we get an estimate of when it will come out


2010-11-06 02:55:16

Ive seen MiM and the OLD bowsers castle..
But THIS!!! Oh my god.. I might just DIE waiting for this. Just like a new video game.
You're like an army of onr though.. working alone in the best way possible.
Keep up the great work, I'll be rooting for you. Now what to do in the mean-time...
PS: I have a request, hope its not much.. Add a Titty Fuck parts for some of the charecters. Please.. its a guy's favorite position..


2010-11-06 03:04:06

i love your work take your time


2010-11-07 22:30:11

Why would people want updates anyway, they keep you from...uh...creating "usable" stuff.

Insert random "nudge nudge" here.


2010-11-11 15:25:45



2010-11-13 22:55:22

Sir, you honestly rock so hard with all of the you put through for each of these games that you make. I hope that continue to put forth the effort when the situation calls for it. Can't wait for next submission -avatoa


2010-11-15 20:50:02

Playshapes, YOU ARE RAW AWESOME! I can not WAT for BC3 to com out!


2010-11-18 10:30:55

Hi PlayShapes :-)

I just want to thank you for all your awesome work! You be a flawless Gem in the whole world and I know what I'm saying, because I had a big-Comixxx Blog that I must closed because of paypal, who screwed me because of breaking their rules... I really hope that you stick with it - I know a lot of people who break up like toonpimp for examble or crowchild (HTH) and that are huge losses for all of us. To show you my gratitude, I would give you the Export I made before I deleted my blog - you can make a new one of it and download all the artist you like ;-) (over 100+ top rated artists of hentai-foundry and furaffinity and so on - You just need a googlemail-Account) I hope you take my present - It would be a huge honor for me :-)


BowserBee (alias "gc-comixxx" or "Hot ComiXxX Sets from Hell")


2010-11-21 00:45:43

I fucking love your work, and peaches ass looks mighty fine! please have more anal included in your work, (samus too, maybe have them fuck?)


2010-11-24 10:53:34

Hang tough and take your time man. Whatever comes out is gonna be awesome.


2010-11-25 15:40:11

Any estimated time on when its released?


2010-11-29 23:12:28

i swore not to jack off until the game came out so hurry up my dick going to explode from the sperm storing up


2010-12-01 08:56:56

I made an account just to comment on this. I love your work and the games you've made, keep up the good work .


2010-12-01 16:59:16

awww remove the shapes on the preview


2010-12-02 17:04:57

I really appreciate your work so far.You were pretty good in the past and you'll just get better. Give it time but not too much cause we would appreciate it if you finished soon and well. Good luck with the rest. I'm waiting. :P


2010-12-05 11:43:33

thanks man!!
you are really good!


2010-12-05 13:58:33

Playshapes is the best. A fuckin' Pro.
Your Art is getting better and better. Keep up the good work.